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Watching Our Words


I like words, all the different sounds, rhyming them together, their ability to connect and convey ideas.

   I’m using words to communicate with you right now. This page would be blank without words. Okay, maybe that’s a little obvious. I’ll take that as a hint to work on my writing skills. As with most things in this world, words have both a positive and negative side. Occasionally words aren’t so fun. Sometimes words can hurt. 

   Someone once said that sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me. I think this saying is meant to be used as a reminder to ignore and not dwell on harmful things that are said about us. Even though this is a nice thought; how much of it is actually true? 

   Words are powerful. Kind words can bring healing, while hurtful words can burn, scorch and scar. I’m sure that anyone reading this wouldn’t casually pick up a stone or a stick and throw it at someone, (at least I hope not). Are we as careful with what our tongues are directing out of our mouths? An ill placed word can have serious consequences. Oftentimes they cause serious damage. 

   Have you ever had someone say something mean to you? It burned and stung didn’t it? We’ve all been on the receiving end of a harsh comment and at that time it feels like the worse thing in the world.

   Can you think of anything worse than having mean things said about you? 

   I can. 

   Let me share it with you. 

   The one thing worse than hearing something bad about yourself is being the person speaking harmful things to others. 

   Everyone of us can be that person. Here’s my personal example. 

   I catch myself biting my tongue on a regular basis. Ouch! Well, not literally chomping down on it, but you get the picture. 

   I like to make people laugh. Sometimes funny things pop into my head. Being the person that I am; I immediately want to share those things. There’s a small catch though, some remarks need to be quickly forgotten and never let out of my mouth. 

   Many things are funny at the expense of others. Making one person look bad even if its unintentional is never a cool move. 

   It’s hard to control my thoughts, but I can control what I let out of my head and into other people’s minds. 

   Every now and then people like to say damaging things in anger. Have you ever found yourself wanting to get under someone else's skin? Take a moment and remember how it feels to be on the receiving end. 

   Saying a hurtful thing can feel great in the moment. It’s better to swallow those remarks instead of spitting it out and regretting it. Saying something that will hurt another person is never a good idea. 

   Take heart, remember how I said earlier that words can bring healing?  Words used carelessly can be used to bring harm, but they can also build people up. A genuine compliment can make a person’s day! Imagine the world that we’d create if we put effort into building each other up everyday. 

   There is enough negativity in the world. Let’s speak encouragement to each other instead. 

   What are you going to do today to bring encouragement to someone else? 




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